13 October 2006

Florida Market Tour - Saturday, October 14th / Public Hearing - Friday, October 20th

Both Richard and Elise have posted a wealth of information on the tour they're hosting this Saturday. I've gone, I've enjoyed, and you should, too.

Also, if you can, consider attending the public hearing Friday, October 20th, 2006 on proposed legislation for Bill 16-868: "New Town at Capital City Market Revitalization Development and Public/Private Partnership Act of 2006." The proposal intends to "create a public/private partnership between the District of Columbia and New Town Development, LLC for the purposes of economic, social, and cultural revitalization of a 24 acre site located in Ward 5." Richard and Elise have written extensively on the future of the Florida Market and what we could lose if New Town becomes a reality (searches on their respective blogs will bring up the relevant posts).


  1. Hey Jaime,
    good thing you've got this shot bk they have repainted the tomato & the words are now gone. Just a small reminder that the market is changing.

  2. No! Please be sure you and Richard send me word on any upcomng tours.


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