17 October 2006

DCPL/Woodridge Library Updates and Upcoming Events

Photo from DCPL
You may have heard that all DC Public Libraries, with the exception of the Deanwood Kiosk, are now wired for free Wi-Fi.

Also, as of this past Sunday, October 15th, 2006, MLK, Jr. and all full-service branch libraries will be open from 1-5pm every Sunday. From the DCPL press release:
The exceptions are the four small community libraries and the Deanwood Kiosk, which will continue to be open Monday through Friday. "Sundays are generally when families spend the most time together so it’s great they will now be able to make their local branch library a family activity where every member can find something they enjoy," said Ginnie Cooper, the D.C. Public Library’s Chief Librarian. "Whether it’s families or individual residents, we’re going to be attracting groups of people who wouldn’t normally have time to come to the library during the week. This is going to enable us to serve many, many more people who have information needs but perhaps did not have time to get their needs met."


In addition to the new hours, Chief Librarian Ginnie Cooper announced that beginning immediately there is no longer an age limit for children to obtain a library card, and no longer will there be a children’s handwriting requirement for a child to apply for a card. Now, parents and guardians may apply for a library card for very young children and it will be issued in the child’s name. Cooper says this change will help to encourage children to read at a younger age, which is a hallmark of her library philosophy. She continued by saying, "Our former policy is historically common, and may still exist at other libraries. I have had the pleasure of changing similar policies at other places."

We are definitely taking baby-steps in the right direction.


The Woodridge Library, 1801 Hamlin Street, NE (at the corner of 18th and Rhode Island Avenue), invites young adults and parents to meet Melinda Robertson, author of "Motherhood...What You Don't Know!", for a discussion and book signing this Friday, October 20th, 2006 at 5:30pm.

From the author's website:

"The book serves two purposes. One to show how complex motherhood really is, as it is intended to provoke young women to think about what it would really mean to have a baby. Secondly, Nicole, the main character, can be an encouragement to the thousands of teenage mothers raising children today, because [of] the 'straight talk, no chaser' conversations Nicole's mother has with her...."

- - -

Woodridge is also hosting an adult book discussion on Tuesday, October 24th, 2006 at 2pm. Come and bring your favorite book to share with others - all are welcome! Participants in the Adult Summer Reading Program will discuss the books they've read.

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Preschool storytime (ages 3-5) is scheduled for Thursdays at 10:30am. Call the Woodridge Branch for additional information on these and other programs at 202.541.6226.

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