06 September 2006

Don't Forget the ANC Elections!

Graphic from neighborhoodinfodc.org
Indeed, all ANC Commissioner posts are up for grabs this year. I want to commend Robert, aka RobbyCU, for his efforts in encouraging folks to run in their SMDs on the Ward 5 and Trinidad listservs:
Where there's no names someone should run. Where there's one name, two more people should run, and so on. We need strong ANCs. They are our first level of government. If you want safe streets, economic development, better city services, better quality of life you need strong ANCs. Its not too late to run! You have until Friday to turn in your petitions.

A number of SMDs have no candidates to date, including mine. Take a look at yours: 5A, 5B, and 5C.

- - -

Kris Hammond is utilizing the blogosphere in his bid against incumbent Cleopatra Jones for ANC 5C-02 Commissioner. DC Blogs noted today, "Win or lose, this neighborhood will gain if Hammond keeps his blog." I concur. Hmmm, any takers for adding me as your write-in candidate for 5A-09 on November 7th?

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