13 September 2006

Brookland CDC Meeting on the Future of 12th Street, NE - Thursday, September 14th

I pretty sure I didn't miss a listing for this somewhere else...This morning while riding the Metro I came across a blurb entitled "Transforming 12th St., NE" in the Express (it's also in this post on their blog, "Free Ride"). Yay, I think, media coverage for the Brookland Main Street Initiative (informative PDF here)! The problem is, I know a lot more of us are interested - even those of us that live 10 or more blocks away - than are able to make a meeting on seemingly random Thursday morning. To that I say, "Boo!"

What: Brookland Community Development Corporation and the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development are holding a meeting for those interested in the ongoing improvements along Brookland's "main drag," 12th Street, NE.

When: Thursday, September 14th, 2006, 8-10am

Where: Café Sureía, 3629 12th Street, NE

Random musings/ranting: Why is Rhode Island Avenue, NE from Eastern Avenue in Woodridge to 4th Street, NE near Edgewood (certainly one of the gateway corridors to and from Maryland - just check out the tags of the cars parked M-F at the RI Ave. Metro) not a part of the "Great Streets Initiative?" A sliver of Benning Road, NE is all Ward 5 gets for now, though it's worth a peek at Target Area #8 of the Neighborhood Investment Fund (Woodridge be damned!). Areas in Ward 5 and/or Northeast also targeted for the Neighborhood Investment Fund are #1-Shaw, #3-Deanwood Heights, #7-Bloomingdale/Eckington, and #10-H Street NE.


  1. Hey Jamie. I sent a note to the Great Streets People and below is our exchange. I suggest the people of ward 5 right and call them!


    Hi Derrick. I live in Ward 5 off Rhode Island Avenue, and I'm very
    dissappointed that once again my ward is getting overlooked by the City. This time it's the Great Street's initiative. I can't think of a street more deserving than RIA - it has a major metro station, is a connector out of the city, and Woodridge and Brookland are definitely two neighborhoods
    that are transforming the city. Yet, we have this terribly planned corridor with really no good stores, restaurants, and more than it's share of dollar stores and liquor stores.

    I hope the city seriously considers revamping this corridor. I and many of my neighbors, take the 1 minute drive into Maryland to visit some of their new shops and cafes and enjoy what they're doing to Mt. Rainer, Hyattsville, etc. I'm sure the District would rather we keep our tax dollars in DC.

    They should do something about that.

    Thanks for reading,

    Thank you for your comments. The District has heard from a number of
    residents in the last couple of weeks regarding Rhode Island Avenue. We have alerted the Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development as well as DDOT's Director about this growing community request.

    When an opportunity presents itself, the issue will be presented to the Mayor and/or Mayor elect. DC Council will have to approve the addition as well as allocate funds in the budgets of DMPED and DDOT to pay for activities through Great Streets.

    The Great Streets staff would happily be willing to work with all
    constituents when approved and funded by DC Council.

    -----Original Message-----

  2. Thanks, gibber! I actually sent a similar message along to reSTORE DC (parent organization for DC Main Streets) a few months back when I signed up for their newsletter - which comes few and far between. From what I can tell, these two programs aren't really related to Great Streets, which is under the umbrella of DDOT. Perhaps that's part of the problem/disconnect?

    You are correct - now is a great time for us to send more e-mails, perhaps to each program. Thanks so much for doing your part, and I'll be sure to post about this in more detail.


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