13 May 2008

8.5% Rate Increase from WASA?

If this is a concern to you, DC WASA has set up a series of community meetings.
The Board reports that the new rate will raise the average monthly bill by approximately $4.24.

The local meeting is:
TUESDAY, MAY 20 6:30 pm- 8:30 PM
Washington Center for the Aging
2601 18th Street, NE

For a full list of the meetings across the District, visit their online release.

photo by Linda Badner


  1. I hope the increase means better water. The water tastes horrible and it is getting worse. I need to start filtering the water for my pets soon.

  2. Roy -

    The taste can change throughout the year as WASA changes the chemicals in the water. Right now there is chlorine being added as a disinfectant. WASA announced this in March According to their release, they were to stop the additive on May 12th, so check and see if the water smells/tastes any different this week.

  3. In Alexandria the price of water might go up 16.8%...what!?!?



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