18 March 2008

Press Conference at Burroughs Elementary Today

I saw some folks setting up the equipment on the front lawn as my bus drove past a little before 9 a.m.....NBC4 has the (misspelled) details on the "small group of parents who passed out fliers and held a press conference" this morning:
Some parents are frustrated with D.C. School Chancellor Michelle Rhee's plan for John Burrows [sic] Elementary in Northeast.

Parents said Rhee's plan to change the school to a pre-K through eighth grade school is too ambitious. The school currently has students in Head Start through sixth grade.

"In less than five months, we're supposed to implement a pre-K through eight plan beginning with extending to accommodate seventh graders," said parent activist Maria Jones.

The plan is to change it to a pre-K through seventh school next year, and add eighth grade within two years. The school was slated for closure but will be kept open.

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