03 December 2007

Woodridge Head Librarian Fired Firday; Firings at Other Branches

Woodridge Branch Library
I can't yet find documentation of the most recent housecleaning at DCPL, but Woodridge's head librarian, Mary Cooper, was fired along with a number of other branch librarians on Friday, November 30. I believe (though anyone with more accurate info is encouraged to post a comment) that those let go included the Petworth and Mt. Pleasant head librarians.

This comes on the heels of DCPL's November 7 announcement that a number of branches will no longer have Sunday service through the holiday season (and beyond?) "due to anticipated staff shortages [at] some libraries," including Woodridge.

Sunday service will be maintained at:
· Anacostia
· Benning
· Cleveland Park
· Lamond Riggs
· Martin Luther King Jr., Memorial Library
· Mt. Pleasant Southeast
· Takoma Park
· Tenley
· Washington Highlands
· Watha T. Daniel / Shaw
· West End

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  1. I'm sad to hear this news. Having Sunday hours is important. It sounds like the library will be open on Sundays again starting in January. I wish volunteers could pick up the slack, but evidently that's not an option. Sigh.


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