28 November 2007

ANC-5A Monthly Meeting - TONIGHT

What: Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5A Monthly Meeting

When: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 at 7 p.m.

Where: Providence Hospital - Catherine Ross Hall Conference Room 1, 1150 Varnum Street, NE

Agenda Includes:
· SMD 5A-07 vacancy and election - Don Padou and Carolyn Steptoe running
· MPD-5D and MPD-4D crime reports
· Invited Guests: Potomac Lighthouse Public Charter School (PLPCS). PLPCS is planning to relocate into a vacant building at 8th and Varnum Streets NE, formerly known as Brady Hall, 2 blocks west of Providence Hospital. PLPCS is currently located in Michigan Park Christian Church at 1600 Taylor Street NE. The project is being developed by Joel D. Scharfer, CEO of Charter Schools Development Corporation and Edward M. Johnson, a Brookland-based architect. PLPCS currently serves 120 students and is hoping to increase its student body to between 250 and 400 pupils.
· Community concerns

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