09 January 2006

Shhhh....I've Got a PostSecret

That's right, Tony, Tiffany, Chris, and I finally made it out to the PostSecret exhibit (along with 1/8 of the DC metropolitan population) during its last breaths. What is prompting me to write this post, more than the exhibit itself, is DCist's "Out and About: Weekend Picks" from this past Friday. Just read Saturday and the three comments. Then, commence being flabbergasted just like I was/am.

The objectives of both the PostSecret project and exhibit are perhaps innumerable. One intention that stands out to me, however, is reminiscent of the art of folks like Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer, and Howard Finster. Words are an integral part of each artist's oeuvre (my goodness, flabbergasted and oeuvre, all in one post?). The few times I've seen Kruger and Finster's work in a museum, I was compelled to stop and read. Other people were doing the same. That is the nature of viewing public - and often confessional or narrative - art. Kudos to Frank Warren and everyone with a secret to share!

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